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Friday, October 3, 2014

The circus is in town

Earlier this week when I picked my girls up from school they were telling me about a breast cancer event their school was doing and how they prayed for me not to have it return. I was thinking how sweet my girls are when yet again Chloe comes out with something completely unexpected: "Mommy, I pray every single day that I never ever have hair like yours".

Well then.

I know that I have bad hair, not just awkward but straight-up WTF-is-that-lady-thinking hair. Hair that is so terrible that my 5 year old likes to draw pictures of and the girls sing about mommy's puffy hair. But I didn't think it was SO bad that it was an issue to pray about!

Look's like I need to start pulling the hats and wigs back out so my kids will be seen with me in public. Apparently I look more like a clown than I had thought.