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Monday, November 10, 2014

Number 2, part 2

It happened again, and again...

The day after I let the world in on my stinky little secret, that my beautiful daughter keeps pooping in public, it happened again. *sigh*

I went to pick up a couple of cute hat and mittens sets that I had made for my girls thinking I would be a nice mom and not make them freeze or be out of style this winter (cause it is so important that preschoolers are on trend). We pulled up to the parking lot where we were meeting this lady and the girls got out of their car seats and started pilaging and plundering through the trash heap that is my backseat. Chloe mentioned to me she had to potty and I asked if she could hold it to which she replied yes.

Side note - I know, I am face-palming myself too as I write this. It isn't like there isn't a history of horrid potty accidents in public places, I am obviously not the brightest bulb in the pack.

Shortly thereafter the lady making the hats pulled up and I got out to pay for them, after, of course, I threatened them with Santa, the Easter Bunny, and whatever other things I could pull out of my butt to make sure they didn't crawl into the drivers seat and start doing donuts in the parking lot. She and I struck up a conversation that got WAY off track and about 15 minutes later I was in possession of the hats and climbed back into my car.

The stench, OH the STENCH that was eminating from my darling buttercup. I turned (gag) and said (gag)"Chloe, do you need to go potty? It smells like poop in here" to which she innocently replied "Nope, I pooped in my pants" and she continued to play with whatever random toy she found shoved under the pile of old french fries and playground sand. Naturally her 5 year old sister thought this was HILARIOUS and began yelling that she was pooping her pants too while making tons of farting noises. Thankfully at this point in time there were no cars around to witness this scene. Shockingly, I keep a pack of pull-ups and wipes in the car, I pulled off her pants and panties (gag again) and put them in one of the many random grocery bags I have and cleaned her up, the entire time yelling at my older daughter to be quiet.

Two days later I was on my way home from a fun day with the girls and saw my neighbor out in her driveway, I pulled up and we started yapping like always. The kiddos kids unbuckled and started roaming the car like caged animals, then I smelled the tell-tale signs of Chloe needing to use the potty. "Chloe, do you need to go potty?" to which she replied "No (grunt) I am going now (grunt)". My neighbor, who has two kids and is past the crap-your-pants faze but vividly remembers it, naturally burst out laughing and told me that on the bright side I had an addendum to the other blog post.

In the hopes that there isn't a Crap-o-rama part 3 story I created a potty chart to bribe, I mean entice my daughter to use the toilet and not her underoos. So far so good, but we are only on day 2. I have a feeling she won't be getting the Barbie she picked out anytime soon, instead she will be getting a big box of pull-ups. Good thing I have a coupon.